Grading Time!

Grading. That dreaded word. Forget grading my students, I cannot even grade myself! I mean, first off, am I supposed to grade according to this scale:

Because, I mean, I give myself an A. 🙂

Or should I just pull the Super Senior card like this little guy:

I mean, I could even just do this type of grading where, no matter what, every single option is a good option:

In all seriousness, I really do not know what grade to give myself. I am now following four times the amount of people on Twitter than I did previously. This is also the most blogs I have ever done for any class. Most of the time, I give up not even halfway through. This time, however, I wanted to blog and had to keep reminding myself to. I also enjoyed reading my classmate’s blogs because they were all so good! I learned even more from them!

I also read four professional development books. This may not seem like a whole lot, but for me it is. This is because I never really have time to read what I want to read! However, I made time to read these books and I really feel like they have helped me understand how I want to teach.

And then there was the NCTE conference. This is where I really feel like I learned the most. I got to apply everything I had been reading all semester and meet the people who wrote the readings. That does not happen in pretty much any class. I never met the authors of my history or math textbooks. Therefore, this conference really made me realize how much I really want to be a teacher and why I even wanted to be a teacher in the first place.

I also believe that I will continue using my writer’s notebook. My writer’s notebook is a good place for me to just write without having to worry about anything else or anyone else reading what I am writing. Growing up, I always had notebooks full of incomplete stories and I think the writer’s notebook is only the most logical next step. 🙂

Basically, I have no idea what grade to give myself. However, I guess I would give myself a passing grade. This is because I feel like I have learned a lot not only from readings but from my classmates as well. Our class discussions really helped the three hour class period go by and these discussions led to some very enlightening ideas. I am going to miss this class and everyone in it because of how much I have learned from them. I am glad that I once again realize how much I want to teach. I do not know how to grade myself so I can only grade based on how much I have learned. And if I grade on that idea, I would say an A because I have learned an exorbitant amount in such a short time. I cannot wait to begin my adventure. 🙂


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