Round-table Discussion

I was a little skeptical about attending round-table discussions but after this session I kind of liked them. The main reason I enjoyed this particular round-table was because I got the chance to listen to multiple teachers and authors instead of just one. The authors in this round-table who I got to listen to were: Teri Lesesne (Professor Nana), Cindy Maric, Kellee Moye, Katherine Sokolowski, Colby Sharpe, and Jennifer Holm.

Donalyn Miller was the moderator of the entire discussion (which was awesome!) and she started by sharing the 8 conditions of learning.

  1. Immersion
  2. Expectations
  3. Demonstrations
  4. Responsibility
  5. Employment
  6. Approximations
  7. Response
  8. Engagement

The main focus of this discussion was condition number eight: Engagement. One of the statistics Kellee Moye shared was that “90% of 7th and 8th graders never read.” I found that statistic to be depressing enough to write down in my writer’s notebook. Kellee Moye also shared how she created her own classroom library. She said in order to start a library you should: 1) Use Scholastic book orders, 2) Scholastic Warehouse, 3) Ask parents if they have any books they would be willing to donate, 4) Ask your school for classroom library supplies in a proposal, and 5) Sign up for ARC’s (Advanced Reader Copies).

Another thing I wrote down came from Colby Sharp and Jennifer Holm where he told us to find authors to Skype with students for free. He said he has an entire list on his website. He also had a fun idea to have students tween authors. If the authors reply, he suggested framing the author response tweets and giving that to the student. Students will be more willing to read if they can interact with the actual author of the books they are reading. I thought that that was a wonderful idea.

This session had so many great ideas but I just chose a couple I really liked. If you want to know more, all of the presentations from this session are on the website:


One thought on “Round-table Discussion

  1. Just think how excited we all get when an author tweets us back! Our students are going to feel the same way. I loved Colby’s idea of framing the tweet and giving it to the student. Seriously, why can’t my kids be in Colby’s class? Why can’t _I_ be in Colby’s class? I thought this was a very good session as well.

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