Penny Kittle and Kelly Gallagher


Look! It’s Penny Kittle and Kelly Gallagher! I read Kelly Gallagher for my presentation in English Methods class so I was excited to actually see and hear from him in person. And, of course, we have been reading Penny Kittle all year so that was equally as exciting.

Penny Kittle said to:

  1. Build reading lives
  2. Practice daily writing
  3. Study text and have mentors in classroom
  4. Write with the students
  5. Conference with students

Kelly Gallagher said to:

  1. Show them what the final piece looks like with samples/examples
  2. Stand by someone who knows how
  3. Show how to move into meaningful revision

Give the students a purpose to look for while reading to help them know what to focus on. Some of my favorite quotes from Kelly Gallagher were:

“You can break the rules if you understand them.”

“Can’t revise if they are not writers or readers.”

Listening to these two people was very helpful in connecting ideas to what I have been reading and learning about all year. What they had to share at the conference was valuable to how I eventually want to teach my students to read and write. Therefore, I enjoyed hearing them even though I (one again) had to sit on the floor in order to be in the room. 🙂


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