Judy Blume :)

I received my Council Chronicle from NCTE today and I found an article inside about Judy Blume. She is being honored with the National Intellectual Freedom Award this year.

Just to start this off, before I get to the article, here is a video of Judy Blume discussing banned books since many of her books have been banned.

So, basically, this article just made me realize that I like Judy Blume. I have not read her books for quite some time but this article made me like her. In the article she says that:

You can’t write with a censor or a critic on your shoulder.

That quote should also apply to student writing. So many students give up writing because they know that they are being critiqued on their writing. That opinion is an interesting one to think about when teaching my students how to write.

She also talks about how kids can fight back when the school board tries to take books away. She tells kids to not “just sit there, do something!” And these kids do end up going to the school board and telling them “why the book is so important to them.” She says that this is much more effective than a teacher or a parent trying to fight back. I tend to agree with her because kids know what they want to read and they will read what they want to read no matter what.

So, anyway, just thought I would write a quick blog about Judy Blume because reading the article sparked some imagination. In conclusion, here is a picture I found of Judy Blume while finding a picture of her books. The quote on the picture struck me as interesting and so I thought I would share.

Be odd; Write and read on.  🙂


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