Ditching Lesson Ideas

I was creating a lesson plan this week for my block class on human diversity and I figured something out. I thought I had a great idea for a lesson where I would read this great poem and have my “students” (fellow block classmates) do . . . something. That was where the trouble hit. I could not think of something for my students to do afterwards. No matter what I thought of, nothing seemed to work or make sense. I was in a state like good old Captain Jack Sparrow and pencil lady here:


And then, I was sitting at work at the public library and got bored enough to start browsing through the children’s books. That is when I found the book Brown is Black is Tan by Arnold Adoff. This book was the first book to feature an interracial family.

Because of this book, inspiration struck me. And I threw away my previous idea for a lesson that I had been struggling with. I decided to teach multiculturalism through the use of children’s, junior’s, and young adult’s books. And the lesson plan practically wrote itself.

What I learned this week is that it is okay for me to ditch an idea if the idea is not working for what I am trying to teach. Basically, I accepted my failure to create my first lesson and come up with a lesson I was more comfortable with. I also learned that inspiration can come from anywhere. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Ditching Lesson Ideas

  1. This is a really cool lesson, Heather. I haven’t planned a lot of lessons but this is something I will most definitely keep in mind. It reminds me of ditching books when you’re just not into them.

  2. At least you ditched before you were actually in the middle of the lesson. I’ve done that plenty of times–in the middle of teaching, lesson just not working, so uhhhh switching gears. I love the idea of using picture books as an entry into, well, just about anything. I’m also very interested in your experience of deciding to teach a poem and then not knowing what to do with it. Let’s talk about that in Methods!

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