New Questions

Wow! I have not blogged in a while! Did not realize it had been that long. Therefore, I decided to blog my four questions. I definitely need more blogs!

Question #1:

More of a statement but I am still worried about those kids who just do not care. Yes, we have talked about strategies and motivation but I am still worried about them. I do not think I would be as good of a teacher if I did not worry about those kids.

With that teaching philosophy, lack of motivation is easily explained. But I do not want to teach like that because it bores me as well. However, maybe Buzz Lightyear can put it in better perspective:

Question #2:

Two words: Student Teaching. This makes me nervous because I do not know much about what I am expected to do. I know I have to jump through hoops.

That is one of my worries.

Question #3:

Parents. I think just that one word will suffice for this question. This is also more of a statement than a question. I think this cartoon explains it all:

Question #4:

How do I deal with stress? I do not think stress can ultimately be avoided but it is still a worry of mine.

As funny as this cartoon is, I hope that I will not feel like that every day. Life would be better off if I wanted to go to work.


2 thoughts on “New Questions

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