Story Time!!

Possibly my favorite day at work is Tuesday because of story time. I get to watch a bunch of preschool aged children who really love reading and love being read to.

But today during story time, I started to think about the students I will be teaching. They will most likely not have the same enthusiasm as these preschool children.

So, what can I do about that? How can I get my students to realize how much they used to love reading. I am not really sure how they would react if I announced that we were going to have story time. I can just see myself walking into class like “Hey my students! Guess what? Today, we are going to have story time. I am going to read to you and we are going to do crafts!” Cue groans. My class might just look like this group of people:

I also found out about a really cool program in California that is a story time for kids. This is not the typical library story time though. They have kids come and donate books that other kids can buy or read while they are there. They also have celebrities who come and read stories out loud to the kids. Now, I do not know why my students do not like story time because I would love to attend this thing! Not sure why this looks boring:

This looks awesome and there is a whole website and blog dedicated to this event at

What I wonder is whether or not a story time idea would work in my classroom if I just did not tell them and started reading out loud to them. And my students would be encouraged to be donating books throughout the year to the classroom library so I could definitely incorporate that into my classroom. Someday, I just want my students to have the same excitement that the kids at the story time where I work do. I would absolutely love if that happened.



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