I Dream of a Classroom Library!

The more I read about reading and writing workshops, the more I want a classroom library. I mean, I am at the point now where I have enough books from over the years to create my own mini library. My friends are always asking to borrow my books and if I have any new books that they think I might like. Therefore, I am always lending books out so I think I have that practice down.

What I really want is a classroom full of books. I could start out class by sharing one of the books with my students. This would not even take that much time out of class. Discussing what a book is about only takes a few minutes. I want my classroom to have a library like some of these pictures:

There are so many examples of how to organize a classroom library on the internet. These are a few that I thought would be a good idea. If I do not have a lot of room in my classroom, the bins would work best. If I have a space in my classroom to build a library like the first picture, I would love to do that as well. What my main reasoning is behind a classroom library would be to give my students a chance to pick exactly what they want to read without having the pressure to do anything with the book. It could be part of that 40 book challenge of Donalyn Miller’s.

When looking for pictures for this particular blog, I found this website:


They had some good ideas on how to get more books into the classroom library. The three ideas they gave were to go to rummage sales, become a member of a scholastic book club (obviously since this was on the scholastic website), and have previous–or current–students donate their old books to the library. To expand on the books I can already contribute to the library, these would be good ideas. In order to make sure that students are returning books, I could use a check-out list. I could also use the acronym, “I Pick” to help students understand how to choose a book to read in the library.

Basically, in my classroom, I want my students to know that reading for fun is actually something they have the option to do. Also, I will probably have to read all of the books in the library and that will let them know that I actually read myself. If I want my students to challenge themselves, then they will have to discover what they love to read about and what they would love to learn more about.


2 thoughts on “I Dream of a Classroom Library!

  1. I am so very glad you wrote about this in your blog. I had the exact same questions about getting books into the classroom on my already limited teacher’s budget. I would like to know what to do when books do not get returned or what about the first few years when I just don’t have the ability to get a ton of books in my classroom.

  2. Your pictures of all those books made me drool a little bit … Just saying. I really like the idea of having students donate books. It would be another way to get them to pick up a book! And who knows, maybe they will pick it up and realize they want to read it instead of donate it. That would be A-OK with me!!

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