Thoughts on Percy Jackson

So, recently I have been reading the Percy Jackson: Heroes of Olympus series. And I found some pretty cool stuff concerning the author, Rick Riordan. He was an English and Social Studies teacher before he began writing the Percy Jackson series. I thought that that was pretty cool. If you are not familiar with these books, here’s a picture of them:

Anyway, why I decided to write about this (not just because I am currently reading the 3rd book) is because of a quote I found about how Rick Riordan created the main character of Percy Jackson and why he gave this character certain characteristics. What he said, which I found to be pretty cool, was:

I love that he purposefully made Percy ADHD/Dyslexic. He made these two things not seem so bad. There are so many stereotypes placed on kids these days who have either ADHD or Dyslexia. These kids are not stupid just because they have more trouble than others at certain things. I have a friend who is dyslexic and I would have never have known if they had not told me. When I read this, I realized how important this book could be to certain students I may have in my classroom. If they read about someone who has ADHD or Dyslexia just like them, they might actually want to read the book. And if I can get them hooked on the first Percy Jackson novel (The Lightning Thief), then I have them reading 7 novels after that first one.

And just a couple other quotes from Rick Riordan that I found interesting were as follows:

This is what I mean by challenging my students. I want to raise the bar because students are capable of achieving more if I actually believe in them. And I want my classroom to be fun and creative. I want them to love learning again instead of dreading the day they have to come into my classroom.

Basically, I think I found another person whom I find inspirational: Rick Riordan.

See what you can find out by reading Young Adult novels? 🙂


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Percy Jackson

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