Looking Towards the Future: My 5 Words

Reading Garnet Hillman’s blog post (http://garnethillman.blogspot.com/2013/07/my-5-words.html) allowed the wheels to begin churning in my mind about my own 5 words. Though I do not yet have a classroom, there are certain words in which I would love for my classroom to be.

Here are my 5 Words:

1. Creativity

I want my classroom to promote an atmosphere where students are free to think, feel, and express their ideas or thoughts. I do not want any student to feel as if they will be judged for their opinions. Students should feel free to play with their writing and to explore new and interesting ways they can write. I would rather read and listen to something creative than not.

2. Activity-Centered

I do not want to be the teacher in the cartoon. Meaning, I do not want to spend all class period lecturing and pretending that every student is engaged and intently listening. Therefore, I want an activity-centered classroom that centers on things like writing and reading workshops. I also want to incorporate all different learning styles into how I teach and the best way to do that is to get the kids thinking independently and creatively instead of listening to me yammer. I would rather embrace noise than silence.

3. Respectful

In order to have a class that is open and creative, the teacher and the students have to be respectful of others opinions, feelings, and ideas. I think if a classroom is respectful and the students feel as if they can speak their minds without being judged that the classroom will have a more laid-back atmosphere. Also, respect is just something every person should learn and I believe this to be very important in growing.

4. Collaborative

I would like my classroom to be an atmosphere in which the teacher and the students work together to formulate ideas and work on new topics. Students will also help other students if someone is struggling or the students will help each other when a new subject/topic is broached. Basically, I want my classroom to be more student-centered than completely teacher-based. Working together will help everyone understand the concepts better.


5. Challenging

My classroom will not be all rainbows and sunshine because I want my students to rise above the minimum requirements. Pushing students out of their comfort zones will allow them to reach a higher goal no matter what that goal might be. They will all be like the little engine in the picture trying to make it up the hill to the last day of class and questioning themselves in the process. I want my students to walk away knowing that they accomplished something challenging because this will give them a greater sense of self-confidence. If a student believes they are capable of accomplishing the seemingly impossible then that is a great feeling for me as a teacher.

These are my 5 words and I hope my classroom can accomplish all of them.

And just for the heck of it, I wanted to put this other cartoon I found while looking for other ones:

Just thought it was funny 🙂


One thought on “Looking Towards the Future: My 5 Words

  1. I’m enjoying the visuals on your blog! I like the words you’ve chosen, especially challenging. I have seen many classrooms, especially classrooms with less-prepared students, where expectations are lowered in a misguided attempt to help students be successful. But I always found that the higher I raised my expectations, the more my students ultimately achieved, the more they learned about themselves, the more confidence they had in themselves as learners.

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