First Day of Class: Fears

Okay, blogging: Not really my forte. So, I will just jump in and see what happens.

First off, last Wednesday Method’s class we discussed fears for when we become teachers. I do not know if anyone has seen the movie The Ron Clark Story with Matthew Perry?

So that first picture? That’s the movie which apparently premiered on TNT with Johnson & Johnson as a sponsor. Did not know that. All I know is that I own this movie on DVD. The second is Matthew Perry with the real-life Ron Clark.

Anyway, why I brought this up is because the students that Ron Clark had were the inner-city New York (?) troubled kids no one cared about anymore. I believe he is even told by the principal in the movie that “These kids are at the bottom of the barrel” to which Ron Clark responds beautifully with:

“The problem isn’t the kids. It’s not even what they can achieve.

The problem is what you expect them to achieve.

You are setting the bar here. Why? Set it up here! They can make it.”

Or, there is this scene from the movie at the beginning that I absolutely adore!

This is the movie that I turn to when I am questioning why I ever wanted to be in this profession in the first place. I find the story to be very inspirational. Not sure if I will ever want to teach in an inner-city school but I never know. And also, this movie talks about many of the fears brought up in class: disrespectful students, dealing with administration, and dealing with parents. Just to name a few. So, my rant about this movie in over.

Seriously, if you have not seen it, watch it. Now, I am done.

Phew, my first blog is over. The last class just really made me want to re-watch this movie. Again. I hope I made someone want to watch it as well.

Thanks for reading!


One thought on “First Day of Class: Fears

  1. I vaguely remember this movie. My own favorite in this genre is Dangerous Minds. I love love love the book Dangerous Minds is based on (it’s a terrific book about teaching English in an inner city environment to at-risk kids). The movie is kind of silly, but I still have a very special spot for it in my heart. I read part of Dangerous Minds out loud to my horrible class in my first year of teaching. They were RIVETED. Kids who had never shown ANY interest in anything I’d done in class or even looked at me asked if they could borrow the book. So I decided to show the movie too. It was kind of a bonding experience, I think. My students definitely saw themselves in that movie, so that story become a kind of shorthand for us for the rest of my two years teaching that group. If I can find my copy of Dangerous Minds, I’ll bring it in tomorrow and read a story from it to your class.

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